Latest from the field: July in Pictures

In Summer

Photos by Taylor Burk

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Here are some of the best shots from July showcasing blue skies, big smiles and a whole heli-load of adventure at the Bugaboos and Bobbie Burns lodges. To have your photo featured on our social channels or blog, tag your shots with #cmhheli


Nature will always have a way of putting things into perspective #cmhheli 📸 @alexhopss | @cmhbobbieburns

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1.       @Alexhopss

It’s hard to capture the grandeur of Conrad Glacier, but @alexhopss did a pretty perfect job with this celebratory shot after conquering the Via Ferrata.


2.       @ericomar1

Eric recently spent some time in both lodges, beautifully capturing his journey through a series of Instagram posts and commentary. This shot shows the location of Bugaboo lodge, which is nestled just out of shot. True backcountry bliss.


Tackling Mt Nimbus earlier in the week. 📸: @sjrandle #cmhheli #viaferrata

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3.       @sjrandle

Looking down the path to adventure, @sjrandle snapped this before crossing the suspension bridge on the Mt Nimbus Via Ferrata.


4. @Paulferchophotography

Action shots aplenty, this one was taken on the Skyladder Via Ferrata at CMH Bugaboos. Check out the rest of his like-worthy shots on his profile.

Summer snow and smiles up at Bobbie Burns ☀️ #cmhheli 📸@dcockram | CMH Bobbie Burns

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5.       @Dcockram

Summer snow and smiles go hand-in-hand, and this snap captures it perfectly. High fives, guys.